Mother and daughter Chris and Hyacinth Garnett have owned the company since 2004 and have a passion for learning.

Owners Chris and Hyacinth Garnett

Maple Education is an independent tutorial school registered with Ofsted & Buckinghamshire County Council. We are affiliated with the following exam boards and universities:

The Maple Roots

All our staff work as a team & have a clear vision for the company.

  • Miss Garnett

Hyacinth recalls working in the business when she was still in primary school. Her job roles have included chief pencil sharpener, tea maker, toilet cleaner, receptionist, teacher and finally, centre manager. Hyacinth has a 1st class degree from Southampton and specialises in the 11+ programme.

Favourite Hobby: Cooking

Miss Garnett

  • Mr Leach

Mr Leach has worked in Buckinghamshire schools for over 10 years. He has experience administering 11+ tests and KS1 and KS2 SATs. Despite initial reluctance to engage with education, Mr Leach ended up loving it so much, he became a teacher.

Favourite Hobby: Rock-climbing

11+ Teacher, SATs, eleven plus
Mr Leach – Tutor at Maple
  • Mrs Cherry (Admin)

Mrs Cherry has been working for Maple for 8 years and is a retired deputy headteacher. You’ll usually find her on Saturdays welcoming new students and helping parents.

Favourite Hobby: Gardening.

Maple Education | Primary Teacher
Mrs Cherry
  • Mr Knox

Mr Knox is a retired headteacher with extensive primary experience. He works Fridays and Saturdays. His own son Jack attended Maple and is currently in year 9 at Grammar school.

Favourite Hobby: Guitar.

Mr Knox – Tutor at Maple
  • Dr Broadway

Dr Broadway is our GCSE science and 11+ teacher. He is usually busy in his lab conducting experiments during the week but ditches the white coat to teach on Saturdays and Mondays.

Favourite Hobby: Spending time with his 14 year old son.

Dr Broadway – Tutor at Maple

  • Louis Cumberbatch (Admin)

Louis was a previous GCSE student at Maple and now works in our office part- time. He knows first hand how a positive attitude and hard work produces good grades.

Favourite Hobby: Learning French.

  • Mrs Hawkes

Mrs Hawkes is our SATs and English specialist. She adores reading, writing and marking our story competitions. Mrs Hawkes is a stickler for neat work and is very proud of all her students this year.

Favourite Hobby: Tennis

What tutoring do we provide?

Teachers at Maple love teaching children and are specialist tutors for the 11+, SATS and GCSE exams and are fully aware of how daunting the education system can be to navigate. We offer:

  1. After-school tutoring for children of all abilities from Year 2 to GCSE.
  2. 11+ Mock exams, 11+ Summer Courses and booster mornings.
  3. A registered exam centre for private candidates sitting AQA, OCR and Pearson exams.