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Covid-19 Update: Maple Education Centre

We hope to deliver our 11+ courses in August from the 17th and 29th August. We are also developing the technology to deliver robust 11+  online testing in preparation for the Buckinghamshire Transfer Test. In the meantime, face-to-face mock exams are postponed to August. Exact dates will be confirmed if we cannot find an online solution.

Our 11+ mock exams are held monthly for year 5 students preparing for the 11 plus Transfer test in September 2020. Our eight bespoke exams are curated to create familiarisation of eleven plus questions and to calm nerves. Book now to confirm your place.

Fees: £65.00: Maple Students
Fees: £75.00: External Students

We also have available spaces on our 11+ Summer Courses.

The benefits for your darling

  1. We aim to make your child comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Based on GL Assessment tests.
  3. Mock exams are a fantastic way to boost confidence.
  4. 2 x 50-minute papers.
  5. Verbal, English, numerical and non-verbal reasoning questions. 
  6. Our practice papers are challenging and realistic to the real exam.

Dates available:
Sunday 26th April 2020 (postponed to August)
Sunday 17th May 2020 (postponed to August)
Sunday 14th June 2020 (postponed to August)
Sunday 5th July 2020 (postponed to August)

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11+ Practice Papers Aylesbury

”The sessions James did at Maple really helped. He will be starting Aylesbury Grammar School this September.”

Jason Phillips

Morning Schedule:

Ensure your darling has a good fry up or suitable breakfast before.

9:00     Drop off your child
9:15     Tips and strategies
9.30     Paper A: 50-min test
10:20   Break & refreshments
10: 35  Paper B: 50-min test
11:40   End of tests
11: 45  Pupil feedback
12:00   Pick-up your darling

A report is emailed the 8 days at 5pm after the test is taken.

*Please note, official papers cannot be taken home as they are our intellectual property. See our Refund Policy

11+ Information

The Secondary Transfer Test in Buckinghamshire includes two test papers. The first paper includes comprehension, technical English and verbal reasoning questions. The second paper includes non-verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning, and maths questions. This will be the same each year, although the questions will be different. Children answer questions on separate answer sheets and at Maple, we will prepare them to work effectively in this manner.

Records show that children who attend two or more full mock exams approach the real test with minimum nerves and a clear understanding of how to deal with questions and timing. For more information and timelines go to the Bucks County council website

GL Assessment

All our of our 11+ exam papers are based on the Buckinghamshire Transfer test. In the real test, the qualifying score (STTS) of 121 or above. The STTS is calculated by age-standardising the three section scores and then adding them using the following weightings:  verbal – 50%; mathematical – 25%; non-verbal – 25%. 

GL Assessment tests candidates using a variety of different question types – the majority of which are not covered in local state schools. Free familiarisation materials are available on their website.

11+ mock exam aylesbury

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