Tuition in Year 2 & 3

The earlier a child starts to learn the key concepts of maths and English, the better. We specialise in gentle introductions to eleven plus topics such as higher reading and spatial awareness. Our qualified and warm teachers have been helping primary children since 2004.

Enrolling for September 2019

Spaces on Mon, Tues & Weds. (4pm – 5.30pm or 5.45pm- 7.15pm)

All you need to do to enrol is book a free assessment below.

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Your little Darling will learn:

  • Numeracy and spatial awareness.
  • Spelling and grammar.
  • Homework support.
  • Reading and comprehension.
  • General Knowledge.

One weekly lesson (90 minutes): £37.00

Our Teaching Approach

  1. We teach using traditional methods.
  2. Lessons are for an hour and a half.
  3. We follow our own syllabus based on GL Assessment
  4. Termly 11+ tests are administered to improve exam skill.
  5. Weekly homework is given to foster independent learning.
  6. We provide all the teaching resources and snacks.
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We set the building blocks of maths, writing, knowledge, and confidence right from Year 2. At this age, children are so open to learning anything new so run with this enthusiasm – it’s the basis of confidence and achievement. Our lessons are in groups of up to five children.

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