Covid-19 Update: Maple Education Centre

15th May 2020

We are actively investigating and planning for the range of scenarios that might play out in view of the latest Government guidelines being published. The health and safety of our pupils, staff and parents remains at the heart of this planning. Whenever we are permitted to open and in whatever form, we are preparing to be able to provide the highest levels of hygiene and any necessary social distancing.

Even if we do open before September, it is very unlikely that this will be for the whole centre.  We can already confirm that we will not be able to open for secondary children (Years 7 to 11) until September. 

11+ Summer Course and Mock Exams

We hope to deliver our 11+ courses in August but are keeping abreast of any new updates from the government.

We are also developing the technology to deliver robust 11+  online testing in preparation for the Buckinghamshire Transfer Test. In the meantime, face-to-face mock exams are postponed to August. Exact dates will be confirmed if we cannot find an online solution.

Online Learning

We have been very encouraged by the take-up and positive feedback from parents and students to our new MapleMagic digital platform.

We are working therefore, to ensure that our optional online offering continues for years 2- 5 to the highest quality of which we are capable for this term ending Friday July 17th.  Pupils will be given roughly as much work if not more as they might expect to receive in their weekly tutorial lessons at Maple. This will help to maintain academic continuity at this difficult time.

We would recommend year 5 parents to encourage their child to read for at least 1 hour per day in addition to their 11+ MapleMagic daily activities and school work. A balance of social interaction, outdoor play, reading and 11+ practice activities will give your child the best chance for the examination.

We recognize that the COVID-19 outbreak has had an impact at every level. We are very proud of all our students who remain positive and hardworking during this time and hope everyone remains healthy and safe.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in these difficult and unprecedented times.

Mrs C Garnett