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Buckinghamshire provides two types of secondary schools; grammar schools and upper schools. Grammar schools admit children based on their performance in the 11+ test. GL Assessments provide the testing and consequently, we now teach to meet the new 11+ requirements.

What are the key 11+ dates 2020?

  • 8 September 2020
    Children take the Practice Test
  • 10 September 2020
    The actual Secondary Transfer Test

What will the 11+ exam be like?

The test comprises of two 45 minute papers and the questions will be multiple-choice.

 Each child will have a question booklet and a separate answer sheet for each test paper which is something many children may not be familiar with. The question booklet will contain all the necessary instructions about taking the test and all the test questions.

In our centre, we provide an environment where children can learn how to approach these questions under similar timed conditions. Answers are machine-marked so children will need to feel confident in how to shade their answers correctly. See our 11+ mock exams for more details.

Is the 11+ hard?

Honestly… yes. But with a solid exposure of 11+ question types, your child will be better prepared.

Working with your son and daughter at home is a good place to start. Reading books at bedtime and involving them with everyday activities goes a long way.

We also recommend having a look at the free familiarisation papers that GL have published on their website.

What questions are in the exam?

Paper A will include verbal reasoning and technical English and has a weighting of 50%. Paper B includes mathematical problems and non-verbal. These both have a weighting of 25%.

How could prepare my child?

  1. Book a free assessment at Maple and we can give you honest advice.
  2. Review most of the KS2 maths and English topics on BBC Bitesize using interactive videos.
  3. Practice with puzzles and spatial awareness games.
  4. Read plenty non-fiction and fiction books for an hour a day.
  5. Work on times tables and double-digit multiplication.
  6. Write a diary to improve handwriting and spelling.
  7. Attempt the free 11+ practice papers from GL assessment.

11+ Information

For more details and timelines go to the Bucks County council website

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