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Picking A-Level Options - Maple Education

Wednesday, 01 October 2014

Picking A-Level Options

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Hmm…. Chemistry or Biology? English or History? Or maybe start something completely new like psychology? Decisions decision decisions…..
There is no doubt about it, selecting your A-Levels is hard. Dropping from 10 subjects to just 3 or 4 is a very important and scary decision, which will influence your university and career options. Maple’s advice is that you need to remember what your goals are and then pick the subjects which will enable you to achieve them.
Yet many Students disregard our advice and end up unable to do the university course they want because of poor planning and research. Some of the worst reason we at Maple have encountered for picking certain subjects are;
  • ‘A good Girl : Boy ratio’ on certain courses such as Art
  • ‘My friends are doing it, I don’t want to be left out’
  • I like that teacher ‘he’s cool’
But don’t worry there are a number of core subjects which are well-regarded by all universities and employers; the most important of which is Maths. What do the following subjects all have in common; Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Accountancy and Physics all have in common?
To study those subjects at university you need to have done A-level Maths. Maths not only opens up so many career options but it’s useful in everyday life plus if you do maths everyone thinks you’re a genius!
However A-levels are a big step-up from GCSE and many students struggle to cope with the increased difficulty of their new subjects. This step-up is particularly acute in Maths and Sciences as many challenging new concepts are introduced. So if you want a head start on your course or are just struggling to keep up, get in touch with us at Maple Education. We have passionate and knowledgeable teachers who will tailor your tuition so that you achieve an A* in Maths, Science and English A-levels.

Chris Garnett

Chris Garnett is the Chief Executive Officer of Maple Education, responsible for operations, finance and exams. A social entrepreneur, Chris co-founded and managed an ethical fashion business from 2000 to 2009. In the 1980s Chris had her own successful office management business in Canada.

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