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Homework and Bananas - Maple Education

Sunday, 09 March 2014

Homework and Bananas

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Let's be honest – most adults like to unwind after a hard day's work. It takes great will power to choose between continuing to work at home and enjoying a meal or glass of wine with family and friends. Yet, we expect children to do homework after school rather than spend time chilling with friends or simply doing nothing.

We pull our hair out when we get home and find they've done little or no homework, and we panic or blame teachers when we find that the homework folder or diary is thin. We nag, threaten and bribe our children to do their homework, and sometimes we give up on homework altogether.

But, it doesn’t need to be like this. If your home is tense on account of homework issues, try these changes:

  • Check the homework policy of your child's school. It could be that pupils are expected to do their prep IN SCHOOL.
  • If the school offers an extended day – sign up to it. This is the best assurance that study and some work will be done under supervision. Best of all, your child should arrive home WITHOUT homework. The important thing is to pack a massive lunch and snacks to sustain your child up to dinner time. After all, we all become irritable and tense if we are dehydrated and peckish. A glass of water, banana and a handful of almonds will energise, as well as nourish, remarkably quickly.
  • If your school does not have an extended day, then the library is a good alternative for teenagers. Most are open to 5.30, and they are generally warm and comfortable with minimal distraction. Ensure your child has that banana and water straight after school or it will be a wasted trip!
  • Hire an A-Level student to baby-sit…yes it works! Children learn well with older teens as they can be good role models and explain concepts in a more child-friendly way. Ensure you have that all important banana, and a treat or two for both the sitter and your child before they begin to tackle homework. If it's completed by the time you arrive home from work, peace will reign and you too can relax. Employing a homework sitter just one day a week will have a positive impact.

Chris Garnett

Chris Garnett is the Chief Executive Officer of Maple Education, responsible for operations, finance and exams. A social entrepreneur, Chris co-founded and managed an ethical fashion business from 2000 to 2009. In the 1980s Chris had her own successful office management business in Canada.

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