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Maple’s Tips for the Summer Term - Maple Education

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Maple’s Tips for the Summer Term

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After countless Easter eggs and what seems like a million hot cross buns, it’s time to face the music again with the summer term. Fortunately for all, this term feels quick and relatively painless, with daffodils, warmer weather and maybe, just maybe… a few BBQ’s! This however is the most important term of your child’s academic year - regardless of what age. It’s the term where the need to absorb all of their knowledge and often put it to the test. At Maple, here are our top tips for a successful summer.

1. Let them play outside

Too often we forget that children thrive with fresh air in their lungs and a good runabout. Ensure they go to the park with friends, have walk or even read a book in the garden instead of sat inside watching TV on a lovely day. Ice cream does wonders for the brain too.

2. Keep an Eye on them

When holidays are drawing closer, there is a tendency to let good habits slip because ‘ahhh mum! We break up on next Friday so it’s not a big deal!’ Children who are consistent throughout the year normally outperform those who aren’t; ensure their homework diary is complete and check they are on target.

3. Assess their weak points

If you are aware that your child is great and English but struggles on algebra, make it your goal to try and improve their development areas over the summer. Help them do exercises or book summer lessons at Maple will give them the best start for September 2015.

4. Let them enjoy summer

Of course all these plans and academic targets are important but make sure you get the balance right as its summer after all and you need a break too! Stack a few ice lollies in the freezer and give them a bit of space. If they work hard on a little summer revision – reward them with a great summer day out.

Chris Garnett

Chris Garnett is the Chief Executive Officer of Maple Education, responsible for operations, finance and exams. A social entrepreneur, Chris co-founded and managed an ethical fashion business from 2000 to 2009. In the 1980s Chris had her own successful office management business in Canada.

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