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“Over the coming months, we hope to make the Maple Blog a useful repository of education tips and information on the latest changes to exams and the curriculum. Also we hope to use it as a place to discuss the techniques we use to inspire our pupils.”

- CEO Christine Garnett


The older we become, the more we realise that working in a job that you love is one of the most wonderful situations to be in. Passion at any age is fantastic and it's important to nurture this with your children. This blog will highlight the significance of why it is great to think about a dream career that can make you happy whether you are only 5 or 55.


As a child, it can be daunting to learn and also be confident at every academic subject in school. That's why extra private tuition can be a useful 'helping hand' in various ways. Here are some top reasons why you should consider extra tuition at a private tutorial centre like Maple Education.

After countless Easter eggs and what seems like a million hot cross buns, it’s time to face the music again with the summer term. Fortunately for all, this term feels quick and relatively painless, with daffodils, warmer weather and maybe, just maybe… a few BBQ’s! This however is the most important term of your child’s academic year - regardless of what age. It’s the term where the need to absorb all of their knowledge and often put it to the test. At Maple, here are our top tips for a successful summer.
We recently rounded up 12 of our teachers with a combined teaching span of 329 years. As a group we're taught roughly 26,900 children over this time. We've also clocked in centuries of experience working in the state, private and pampered prince sectors so we know what we are talking about. We're happy to disclose our findings of what it takes to raise a clever child who goes on to have an incredibly fulfilling life. Amazingly, just 5 things are required to shine.

Just a quick post to publicise an event that might be of interest:


The National Tutoring Conference presents:

The 11 Plus Conference

1pm – 4pm, Wednesday 1st April 2015

Nutford House, University of London, Brown Street, London W1H 5UL


Bringing together parents, teachers, tutors, examiners, consultants and education industry experts in the area of 11 plus preparation

Providing a platform for discussion and debate on the future of the 11 plus.

Raising money for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust


Contact: Cleo Watson

Tel: 07870559780

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Confirmed Speakers:

  • The sciences and humanities - is the 11 Plus too limiting in what it tests and prepares pupils for? - Harry Mount - The Telegraph

  • The Kent 11 Plus test was changed to make it less susceptible to coaching. What happened next?  Peter Read - Kent Advice

  • Fairness of pupil premium priority at lower scores in "tutor-proof" tests or tests that examine innate ability.  Mark Maclaine - Tutorfair

  • When education is reduced to astonishing absurdity. Dr Chris Ray -Reporting Inspector, Independent Schools Inspectorate and Member of the UK International Education Council

  • Are there advantages to private primary school education for the 11+? - Dee Francken -Education Consultant – former Head of North London Collegiate Junior School

  • Comment from - Philip Alexandre - Touch-type Read and Spell

The full agenda and schedule for the event can be found at www.nationaltutoringconference.co.uk with regular updates posted to Twitter, via hashtag #11plus.

We are delighted to announce that our students have once again achieved outstanding 11+ results. Students who had been with Maple for two or more years had a whopping 75% pass rate. Our overall pass rate is 68%, a statistic which matches our success over the past years. Maple Education is the perfect place for students to prepare for the 11+ as you can read here from current and past parents and students:
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