11+ Mock Examinations

11+ Mock

Our 11+ mock examinations take place once a month from January and are formatted to meet the new Buckinghamshire GL Assessments layout and criteria.  These 11+ exams are aimed for the Buckinghamshire Transfer Test 2018. For more information and timelines, go to the Bucks County council website. Our records show that children who attend two or more full mock exams approach the real test with minimum nerves and a clear understanding of how to deal with questions and timing. We aim to make your child comfortable and relaxed in order to achieve the best they can in the real test.

The benefits of 11+ mock exams:

  • A fantastic way to boost confidence.
  • An opportunity to track your child’s progress through the year.
  • 2 x 50 minute papers encompassing verbal, numerical and non-verbal reasoning questions.

Our Mock Exam Structure:

09:00     Drop off your darling at Maple after a good fry up11+ Mock
09:05     Warm welcome to and settle into Exam Room
09:15      Exam tips and strategies
09.30     First paper 1: Begin the first 45-minute test
10:20     Short break and refreshment (water, biscuits, fruit).
10: 35     Second Paper: Begin the second 45-minute test
11:40      End of tests.
11: 45     Pupil written feedback on test to share with parents.
12:00     Pick-up your darling exhausted darling.

A detailed written report is given 8 days after the test is taken.

For further information on Maple’s 11+ tuition services, including the 3-day 11+ intensive summer course see our 11+ tuition page.  GL Assessments provide the testing and consequently we now teach to meet the new 11+ requirements. Visit the Bucks County Council website for more information and timelines.

Fees: £55.00 – Maple Students     Fees: £60.00 – External Students

Book an 11+ Mock Exam

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